He rolled his eyes up in his head and gave it some serious thought.  "Because nothing happened."

      "What?  What do you mean?  Are you alright?"

      William smiled and squeezed her bottom.  "Never better."

      "Stop.  Talk to me a second.  I don't understand."

      He clucked and shrugged again.  "What's to understand?  I quit, it's a fairly simple concept actually.  I don't go work there anymore and they don't pay me anymore.  Ta-da."  Spreading his arms out like a magician after a trick.

      "Well, what are you gonna do?"  She looked almost sad.

      William frowned and furrowed his brow.  "I don't know.  I really don't.  But I'm not going back there anymore.  I'll figure something out, I always do."

      "Honey, this is serious."  Beth finally succeeded in separating herself from her groping husband.  "Stop it.  Talk to me a second."

      "What?  I quit.  I'll find another job.  No big deal.  Now, go get ready.  I made us reservations tonight at Stephen's"

      "Stephen's?  We can't afford that, especially now that we only have one income.  Slow down a minute."

      "Okay, Okay."  He looked her square in the face.  "Sit down.  Now, you want to know what happened today?"  Beth nodded.  "Nothing.  Absolutely nothing happened.  I get in and the first thing I'm hit with is this guy's computer not working.  I can't figure out why.  He didn't do anything different today than he does any other day but suddenly his computer's not working.  I worked on it all day and do you know what happened?"  Beth shook her head.  "Nothing.  Nothing happened.  I never got his computer to work and the world didn't end."

      Beth's face contorted in confusion.

      "Don't you see?  It didn't matter.  I did nothing today and it didn't matter.  Nothing changed, I even got paid to do nothing.  And even if I'd gotten his computer to work, it still wouldn't have mattered.  Don't you get it?"

      Beth was silent.

      William sighed.  "Beth, what am I adding to the world?  What have I ever done that's made a difference?  I don't matter.  I'm not doing anything with my life."

      Beth reached out and touched his hand.  "What about us?" she said cautiously.

      "Oh baby, we're doing fine.  I love my life with you.  I wouldn't change a thing about us, except, well … I've been doing some thinking about that, too."

      "Yes?"  Beth held her breath.

      "Well, maybe we should think about having some kids.  We're not getting any younger, you know."

      "Kids?  Really?"  Beth's face lit up.  "You're serious?"

      "Yeah, why not?  It's not like we've never talked about it before.  Whaddya think?"

      Her answer took the form of a lunging hug and kiss.

      William laughed.  "Now come on, go get ready.  We're gonna be late.  I thought that maybe afterwards, we could go to this new club that opened downtown.  It's called the N Club, with just the letter N, get it?"

      "A club?"  Beth laughed as she rolled off him.  "Are you sure you're okay?"

      "Sure.  You used to like going to clubs and stuff didn't you?"

      "Yeah but that was ten or fifteen years ago.  I'm an old woman now."

      "Oh no you're not."  He took a swipe at her butt as she walked by.  "You're as hot as the day I met you.  You'll put those little girls in there to shame."  He got up as she disappeared into their bedroom.

      "And then I was thinking," he yelled out to her, "that maybe later on we could work on making little Tyler a reality."

      "Oh you do, do you?"  She yelled back.  "Tyler?  What about Kaylie, or maybe Sherrill?"

      "I like Tyler.  It's a good strong name.  Besides, who'd name a boy Kaylie?  He'd get his ass kicked like every other day."

      Beth popped back into the room buttoning up a fresh blouse.  "What makes you think it'll be a boy?"

      "Cause I manly man with manly sperm that make manly baby boys."  He turned around.  "Ooh, nice.  I like.  No, leave that one undone."  He popped open a button that left a scandalous amount of her cleavage showing.

      "Just what do you think you're doing?"  She put her hands on her hips.

      "Setting the mood for later."

      "Oh?"  She reached up and undid one of his shirt buttons.  "It's only fair," she pouted.

      William laughed and clipped the paper in his hand back to the refrigerator.

      "What's that?" she asked.

      "The list you made."

      Beth sauntered over to the fridge.  "Hazelnut coffee?  You wanna get some hazelnut coffee?"

      "Yeah, sure.  Why not?  It's something different."