fakedogpooThe world is an amazing place.  Doctors and scientists find cures for diseases every day.  We communicate through tiny waves sent to space in spectrums that we can neither see nor hear without some pretty amazing technology to translate.  We can travel from one side of the world to another in a few hours.  And anyone with a few bucks can buy fake dog poo on ebay.

Yes.  I said that.

The other night, in a fit of boredom, I sat at my computer and thought to myself, “Think something random.”

So I did.  I called up ebay.com and typed in “fake dog poo.”  Without the thought even entering my head.

It was like my fingers knew what I was going to type before I told them to.

Did you know that at that particular moment, there were 52 items of fake dog poo for sale on ebay.com?

Don’t believe me?  CLICK HERE

There’s a fake dog poo business card holder.  There’s fake dog poo in the shape of a heart.  There’s soft fake dog poo and hard fake dog poo and even rubber fake dog poo.

They make fake dog poo on a key chain.  They make fake dog poo on a hat.

There’s even a golden fake dog poo award.

Want to say “I Love You” in the most unique way possible?  Get the “I Heart U” fake dog poo.

There’s monster fake dog poo and small giblet-size fake dog poo.

They sell them in bulk or onesies.

There’s a fake dog poo for every occasion and reason you can think of.  And a few for those special times that don’t immediately come to mind.

My favorite slogan, misspellings and all — “Nothing Says your number one like a #2!”

Want even more?  Type in “fake dog poop” and you get twice as many hits.  But trust me, it’s still the same old crap.