Aldi and the Gnome of Transportation

We are at the end of Day Two, and Germany continues to impress. Today, I visited my first German castle (it was closed but looked very old and sturdy from the outside).

We did eat at the little café beside the castle: I had the schnitzel with cream sauce. And it was amazing.

We also visited a pizzeria for dinner that was owned by an Italian who spoke to us in German and broken English. Here we all had a food called Doner, which is basically the insides of a Gyro. More amazing food.

Every meal we’ve had so far has been a meat, a veggie, and French fries. That’s because Every meal in Germany is served with French fries. But not ketchup. I’ve never eaten so many French fries without ketchup.

But one of the most exciting things we did today was visit my favorite chain of grocery stores: Aldi. Yes, Aldi. We have them in the states, but this is where Aldi is headquartered.

You could say it’s their fatherland.

At Aldi. I bought chocolates and meat in a package and cheap-ass wine. I found some sandwich bread that was labeled “American Sandwich Bread,” but it was nothing like our bread. This stuff was heavy and looked really, really good. Germany’s Aldi has most of the same foods and crapware as the stores back home, with comparable prices, but the one thing I wanted to buy was nowhere to be found: peanut butter.

So we tried another grocery store later in the day. It was named Norma and was almost exactly like an Aldi, and we bought more food here: whipped honey and meat in a package and edam cheese … but again, no peanut butter was to be found.

Now there is a question on my mind … do Germans not eat peanut butter?

This is a question we will have to ponder and hopefully, by the end of the trip, I’ll have the answer. And some peanut butter. I really want some German peanut butter because as you all know, I LOVE my peanut butter.

But until the question is answered, at least my mom can rejoice that there is a store in Germany named after her, and it looks exactly like Aldi, which happens to be her favoritest grocery store in the world too.