followthemoneycover-200 Now, from one of America’s unsung writers, Ross Cavins, comes a book so humorous, so vile, so inane … it could only be a cry for help.

Re-edited and re-released in July, 2010, just in time for the Christmas rush.

If you’re looking for that perfect gift to give the person who has everything, this is it.  Because they definitely don’t have it.

Plus, when they’re done, they can re-gift it to someone and spread the love.  The love of Ross Cavins and his infinite ego.

Follow The Money is a collection of ten interconnected short stories, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone (and those of the people within your direct vicinity).  You’ll want to read it over and over again.  In fact, you’ll want several copies to give to friends and loved ones.  FollowTheMoney-briefcase

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