On my away home yesterday, a small sign caught my eye.  "Church For Sale."  It was in front of a little brick church with browning grass and sparse landscaping.  It made me wonder, how does someone go about selling a church?

Is this something a real estate agent is qualified to do?  What if the church is Baptist but the agent is Methodist?  Or a Mormon?  Or even Jewish?  Are there rules about this stuff?

What if a Catholic priest wants to buy it?  Can the church convert?  What if an atheist wants to buy the church just to shut it down?  Would the pastor sell it if the price was right?  Can a Baptist church be converted to a synagogue and still be kosher?


ImageI think about these things, I really do.

Like how would an agent sell if he could? What would he say? What would the ad look like? To explore this, I took the time to create an ad and an audio snippet of a conversation between the agent and a prospective buyer. A sort of homage to the Button Down Mind of Bob Newhart.




 Push the Play button below to listen.  (Warning:  Be prepared to waste over 6 whole minutes of your day.)



Or download the MP3 Here .