dcvdpAfter succumbing to the inevitable metabolism death, I underwent The Great Diet Switch .  Since that fateful day when I swore off regular sodas, I have rarely to drink one.  When a diet choice is available, even a particularly nasty one, I always take it.

Such is my commitment.  Even though I haven’t lost a single pound, I haven’t gained any either.  Victory or Mexican Stand-Off?

Either way, during my quest, I have learned some very important lessons.

One:  Mother Nature always wins.  There are certian rules in this Universe that can’t be altered or broken.  And she made them all.

Two:  Two green tea bags, half a packet of Sweet-N-Low and a single serving of Crystal Light mixed with 64 oz of water is heaven in a bottle.  The Lemonade Crystal Light is the best, just the right amount of sweet with bitter.  Simply refreshing.

Three:  Some drinks can never be diet.  They are awful, no matter what.  Off-brand diet colas always upset my stomach (read: give me gas) and usually taste like they forgot to add something.  Namely, the taste.

Four:  Some diet drinks, however, are amazing!  Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper tops my list.  I call it liquid candy.  My next choice would be Wild Cherry Diet Pepsi.  Do they put real cherries in there?  Third would be a tie between Diet Sundrop and Diet Mountain Dew.

I may have had to give up sugar as I’ve gotten older, but I need not give up taste.  Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper is proof of that.  One more question, when do I get paid for this raving endorsement?  I’ll take a case of the stuff, anything!

Other People That Back Me Up: