Stacy's Mom - Rachel Hunter.

Stacy’s Mom – Rachel Hunter.

MILF.  A term I believe was made widely popular by the movie American Pie .  It means Mother-I‘d-Love-to-Fornicate.  The F doesn’t really stand for fornicate.

When I was sixteen, I had a thing for MILFs.  I liked older women.  Truthfully, I liked any women, but the mature ones held something special for me.

This was long before the terms MILF and Soccer Mom existed.  I don’t know what we called them back then.  Hot older chick?


(For the record, this was too many years after the film, The Graduate , so I believe Mrs. Robinson wasn’t in vogue any more.)

This was around the early 80s.  Long before Fountains of Wayne came out with the song Stacy’s Mom , a hot Rachel Hunter playing the MILF role in the popular music video.  Rowr.

It was way before the advent of internet porn and the dial-a-fetish approach to it we have now.  Go ahead, type MILF into Google and see what you get.  Let me help –>  Google: MILF

I liked MILFs when I was sixteen.  When I was twenty-one.  Twenty-six.  Thirty-one.  And now, at thirty-six, I find them absolutely irresistible.

I’ve entered my own personal heaven.  Why?  Because I am finally the same age as the MILFs I lust after.

And you know what?  I’m loving every milfing minute of it!

Any Milfs reading this may email me at for more details … or to just send me any nudie pictures of yourself you may have.