For Your Consideration centers its parody-style story around the filming of Home For Purim and the Oscar buzz that surrounds it.

Christopher Guest and his usual crew of merry makers churn out yet another great mockumentary, this time about the movie industry itself.  Home For Purim is the imaginary movie being shot within For Your Consideration, and Guest attacks every aspect of movie making, from rehearsing and writing to directing and the ever-important Oscar buzz.

I first watched this movie not knowing it was a Guest creation and I remember thinking how all the characters seemed to be just a tad overboard.  Then when I realized it was a mockumentary in the same vein as This Is Spinal Tap! and Best In Show … I was able to truly enjoy it for what it was worth.  It’s classic Christopher Guest that everyone should enjoy.

Verdict:  Image

Directed by:  Christopher Guest

Starring:  Christopher Guest , Catherine O’Hara , Michael McKean , Stephen Rannazzisi , Ed Begley Jr. , Eugene Levy , Harry Shearer , John Michael Higgins , Carrie Aizley , Jennifer Coolidge , Parker Posey , John Krasinski , Michael Hitchcock , Lauri Johnson , Rachael Harris , Richard Kind , Sandra Oh , Fred Willard , Jane Lynch , etc…

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