Image Ocean’s Thirteen is the third in a series of con films beginning with Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve.  Ocean (played by George Clooney) organizes a group of grifters and attempts to swindle a casino owner.

Excellently produced and every bit as good as Ocean’s Eleven.  All the gang’s back except Julia Roberts and you never once miss her, not with the sexy Ellen Barkin in the room.  George Clooney and Brad Pitt bring great performances to a well-written script that, even though it works, leaves a few holes that are never satisfactorily filled.

It’s a fun movie to watch that won’t disappoint the lover of con films.  Clooney and his gang team up with old foe Andy Garcia to take a despicable Al Pacino to the proverbial cleaners.  The plan is fun to watch unfold but the improvisions are more fun.  A formula movie but one worth seeing.

Verdict:  Image


Directed by:  Steven Soderbergh

Starring:  Brad Pitt , George Clooney , Andy Garcia , Matt Damon , Michael Mantell , Elliot Gould , Al Pacino , Don Cheadle , Scott Caan , Bernie Mac , Carl Reiner , Eddie Jemison , Casey Affleck , Eddie Izzard , Ellen Barkin , Julian Sands , David PaymerDon McManus , etc.

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