meetingmrwrong “Don’t email me if you want a supermodel. I’m twenty-two, divorced, and I have twins. I’m also overweight, unattractive, and have no education to speak of. I’m pretty much not going to bring anything to the table except the fact that I’m pretty nice and won’t ask you to pay my bills. Here’s my email address. Don’t email if you’re full of it.”

This is the way the story began …  with a real ad on an internet dating site.

And it is unlike any story you’ve ever read.

Stephanie Snowe has delivered an expertly crafted tale of her humorous adventures (and misadventures) in the dating world.  From the opening page, one begins to wonder if this is truly a story of nonfiction or one derived from the deepest darkest areas of her imagination.  Unfortunately for Stephanie, it is a true account of her harrowing search for Mr. Right.

First off, the humor is biting and sarcastic, so much so that I would occasionally burst into snorts and giggles.  Yes, a grown man giggling at a book.  It is entirely possible when it’s this funny.

After each outward burst, my wife would look up from her non-giggling book, squint her eyes, and ask with a ready grin, “What happened now?”

The real question is, what didn’t happen to poor Stephanie?  On my best drunken days, I couldn’t begin to dream up the characters and situations that bullied their way into Stephanie’s life.  This book definitely lends credible weight to the familiar old adage, because truth is always stranger than fiction.

Can we say page-turner?  Can we say cringe-worthy?  Can we say outrageously hilarious?

If you’ve been looking for the kind of book that burns memorable characters into your brain that leave impressions for years, this is it.

If you’ve been searching for the kind of read that leaves you shaking your head because every word of it is unbelievable and yet, absolutely true, look no farther.

If you want a well-written book that speaks to you on the basest human level, as if the author is strolling beside you down a dappled country road, telling you what happened to her next … you have found it.

“Meeting Mr. Wrong” is a great book that anyone who has ever dated (or internet dated) can relate to.  From Denny Denny Denny to Big Pimpin’ Willie, the unbelieve-alocity never ends.  If you like drinking milk while reading, only to have it squirt from your nose seconds later, this is a book for you.