I was eating chicken with a friend the other day, just shooting the breeze and enjoying a nice leisurely meal.  He's not necessarily an odd guy, grooms himself decently enough, has a nice tan, a beautiful wife, etc.  But there are some odd things about him.  For one, he raises exotic animals, like tigers and stuff.  He also walks with a bit of a stoop and quotes the Bible like it's a sports team's stats.

Now, none of this makes him a bad guy, he's a pretty good guy actually.  From what I can tell.  But you know how that goes, we all have our secrets we don't let just anyone know.  For instance, I shave in the shower.  Not a big deal but it's not something I would tell someone in a job interview, you know?


Not the actual chicken leg.

Not the actual chicken leg.

This guy, let's call him Paul for lack of a better name, he's sitting there across from me eating on this chicken leg.  We got the chicken from Bojangles and while he's devouring the chicken leg, I'm working on a breast.  It's pretty damn good, juices squirting out with each bite, and these particular pieces are the famous Bojangles HOT chicken.  Yum.  Super Yum!

I finish with my breast and put it back in the empty box they all came in, that's when I notice my bones are the only ones in the box.  I look up and see Paul sticking the leg in his mouth like he's giving blowjob lessons, then he sucks off the whole end of the leg just like in a cartoon!  I mean, he gets all the cartilidge and grissle and everthing, there's nothing but bone left.

(insert blowjob boner joke here)

Well, I hit my next piece while trying not to stare at this guy eating all that stuff that's not really supposed to be eaten.  And just when I think my surprises are done, he sticks that bone in between his molars and bites down, snapping off a small portion.  Then, like it's a piece of hard candy, he just starts chomping and grinding it up.  He's eating the fucking chicken bone!  What the hell?

I know at this point, I'm staring but I no longer care.  This guy's eating a whole chicken bone and I can't believe my eyes.  I'm killing my next piece, a thigh, in the normal fashion (meat and crunchy skin only), and he sits there slowly eating this entire chicken bone.  There was absolutely no waste.  I swear.  I don't even remember if he used a napkin or slurped the grease off his fingers.  At that point, it didn't matter, did it?

Have you ever seen something like this?  From anything other than a pet cat or dog?  I haven't or maybe I just don't get out much.  I guess, like the old saying, this guy really was raised in a barn, huh?  Maybe that's why he has exotic animals instead of normal ones?  I have no answers, only more questions.