NOTE: Please read Part 1 first.

 The little deal that was too good to be true, really was.  Last week, the woman who offered that deal, was arrested at her apartment and hauled away by police.

Not only had Tara conned the old man out of the deeds to his two homes, but she'd parted $34,000 from him in a bond agent scam.  How did it work?

She met his granddaughter in jail, told her she was a bail bondsman that could get her out, and secured her family's info.  Then Tara approached the grandfather, had him sign over the two deeds and pay $34,000 in a ruse to get the granddaughter out on bond.  The bond was $15,000 and a bond agent can only legally charge up to 15%, a total of $2250.


Bail Bonds Anyone?

Bail Bonds Anyone?

When she was arrested, loads of evidence were seized from her apartment.  Three credit card swipers, boxes of credit card offers (in other people's names), a wide-screen plasma TV, and jewelry were among her possessions.  Not to mention her fake boobs.  The grandfather's $34,000 bought all that, along with her repossessed Range Rover.  

It turns out Tara had done 16 months of Fed time for credit card fraud a few years back.  So this was not a new thing for her.  I checked her state record too – some misdemeanor credit card fraud and damage to property charges that ended in suspended sentences.  The cops also said she'd shot her half-sister five times, trying to kill her.  Lovely woman.

While they were searching the place, the cops allowed Tara to call her mother.  She told her mom to get the "papers" from her Gucci bag and meet them downtown.  The cops had put her under a $200,000 bond to which she said "wasn't shit."

But Tara wasn't expecting the cops to figure out what "papers" she was telling her mom about.  They had.  After they took her out to the car, they went in her room, straight to the Gucci bag, and retrieved the old man's deeds to his house.  Tara had planned on using them as bond collateral to secure her freedom.  Now, that $200,000 bond was gonna be some trouble to make.

As of today, she's still in jail.

The old man's deeds are safe, he can now rest easy.  He's not going to lose his homes, not when it's proven that Tara acquired them by fraudulent means.  But it looks as if he'll be out his $34,000.  So how can he ever get justice for this?

I've come up with a revolutionary punishment.  My proposition is that the old man gets to play with Tara's fake boobs any time he wishes.  After all, he bought them didn't he?  They're his.  Either give them back or allow weekend visitation.