She smiled and her eyes flickered to the right for a split second.  "It was my grandmother's."

      "I see.  Was she as amazingly beautiful as you are?"  I don't know where that came from, honestly.  It was totally out of my character, there was something about this girl that was throwing me off.

      Shermanne's eyes widened and her left eyebrow raised as another smile crept across her lips.  "Do you want something to eat today or are you here just to flirt?"

      "I can't have both?"

      Her eyes narrowed.  "You look like a burger kind of guy."

      "Is that the best compliment you can do?"

      Shermanne rolled her eyes.  "I've got other tables you know."

      I held up my hands in defeat.  "Alright, bacon cheeseburger with fries."  I waited till she turned around before adding, "No mustard."  She paused for a moment and even though I was staring at the back of her head, I felt a little grin materialize on her flawless face.

      She did have other tables and I watched her move deftly between them, shmoozing and taking all their orders completely by memory.  Occasionally, I'd see her glance my way and each time I'd return her look with the most sincere smile in my repertoire.  She couldn't help but return her own dazzling smile.

      Lunch was busy, the place was packed, and I didn't get to talk to Shermanne again until she brought my food.  "Here we go, bacon cheeseburger with fries."  She paused and with a grin, said, "No mustard."

      I smiled up at her and was instantly lost in her eyes again.

      "Can I get you some more water?" she asked.

      "If it'll bring you back to me again."  I was full of it now.

      She rolled her eyes once more and left to get me a refill.  I watched her the whole time without staring.  That's not an easy thing to do.

      Shermanne returned with another glass and said, "Is there anything else I can get you?"

      "You mean besides a lifetime of happiness?"

      "Besides that."  I saw her smirk, I swear.