"Hmmm … have I been witty and cute enough to ask for a date yet?"

      There was that amazing smile again.  "I don't know about that."

      "A daytime date?"

      "I don't know … "  She squirmed like a bashful child.

      "Coffee?  You like coffee, don't you?"


      "So, a coffee date it is.  Great!"

      "No, wait, you said "

      My laugh interrupted her.  "Shermanne, you gonna break our date before I can even get your phone number?"

      Her look spoke volumes.  "I'll be back in a bit," she said.  Shermanne went off to take care of her less needy tables and when she returned again, I was ready.

      "Hi again," she said.  Her mood was jovial.

      "So … coffee or no?"

      She smiled that perfect smile of hers and said, "Sure, why not?"

      "Great, what time do you get off?"

      "Today?  I can't today."

      "Sure you can, it's just a cup of coffee.  You don't even have to change."

      "Ugh … I look awful, my hair's all greasy and I'm all sticky with restaurant grime."

      "I love restaurant grime, can I get a side of that with my meal?"

      "You're crazy," she said with a laugh.

      "No, I'm smitten, there's a difference.  There's a big difference."

      Her eyes gleamed, her face shined.  I was hers.