Two Years Later

It’s been a while since I updated my website. I figure it’s time because a lot has happened in my life. Personal, professional, and unprofessional. So let’s get started. In January of 2014, I got divorced. Again. For the third time. I know, I know. Wtf? Believe me, nobody ever gets married thinking they’re going […]


I Signed With An Agent!

It’s official; I’m signed! Paula Munier of the Talcott Notch Literary has deemed me worthy as a writer and is willing to take a chance on me. This is bigger than you can begin to comprehend. I know what you’re thinking: So. You have an agent. Have you sold anything yet? No? Have you made […]


Finalist in Strong Scenes Contest

I am a finalist in the Strong Scenes Contest for September 2010. I’m hoping everyone will go there, read the 3 short scenes, and vote for the best. It’s mine, of course, but it’s a free nation.  You’re allowed to have bad taste.  The rest of us get to make fun of you though. It’s […]


A Legacy of Humor

It’s every humor writer’s goal to write humor that is not only funny, but lasts a lifetime.  A good humorist strives to make his experiences in life relatable and enjoyable for the masses while being unique and witty enough to create his own voice. That’s what I want, to leave behind a legacy of humor. […]

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