I Signed With An Agent!

It’s official; I’m signed! Paula Munier of the Talcott Notch Literary has deemed me worthy as a writer and is willing to take a chance on me. This is bigger than you can begin to comprehend. I know what you’re thinking: So. You have an agent. Have you sold anything yet? No? Have you made […]


The Deal Breaker (Part 2)

NOTE: Please read Part 1 first.  The little deal that was too good to be true, really was.  Last week, the woman who offered that deal, was arrested at her apartment and hauled away by police. Not only had Tara conned the old man out of the deeds to his two homes, but she'd parted […]


The Deal Breaker

I had a once in a lifetime deal pass my way the other day and I felt the need to tell you about it.  If you had a chance to make forty to fifty thousand dollars flipping a house, wouldn't you be excited too? A tenant my bosses are about to evict dropped by the […]

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