What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I haven’t done an update in a while, because I’ve been busy with several projects. Besides trying to grow my computer business (anyone need a website?!?!) and working on a new ending for my book On The Run (my agent told me mine was ‘outdated’ and to make it ‘more modern,’ whatever that means), I’ve […]


Pocketbooks and Fishing Line

Growing up, I was kind of a goody-two-shoes.  I really never did anything wrong.  I was only grounded once (a story for another time).  I lived my mischievousness out vicariously through others.  Thus, the story of the pocketbooks and fishing line. My friends and I lived way out in the country on a road that […]


A Regular Seven

 I got a chance to see my two nephews this past weekend and as always, their innocent insight into the world proved to be enlightening.  From Monkey Poop to thoughts on what colors of food are edible, they have a knack of pointing out things that us “adults” miss. For instance, did you know that […]


A Legacy of Humor

It’s every humor writer’s goal to write humor that is not only funny, but lasts a lifetime.  A good humorist strives to make his experiences in life relatable and enjoyable for the masses while being unique and witty enough to create his own voice. That’s what I want, to leave behind a legacy of humor. […]


Happy Birthing Day To Me

Just like the song says, I'm another day older and deeper in debt.  I've always been a fan of birthdays due to that whole "receiving presents" thing.  And check this … for the privilege of being born, people treat you nice and want to take you out to eat and throw you surprise parties and […]

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