What I’ve Been Up To Lately

I haven’t done an update in a while, because I’ve been busy with several projects. Besides trying to grow my computer business (anyone need a website?!?!) and working on a new ending for my book On The Run (my agent told me mine was ‘outdated’ and to make it ‘more modern,’ whatever that means), I’ve […]


A Legacy of Humor

It’s every humor writer’s goal to write humor that is not only funny, but lasts a lifetime.  A good humorist strives to make his experiences in life relatable and enjoyable for the masses while being unique and witty enough to create his own voice. That’s what I want, to leave behind a legacy of humor. […]


Church For Sale

On my away home yesterday, a small sign caught my eye.  "Church For Sale."  It was in front of a little brick church with browning grass and sparse landscaping.  It made me wonder, how does someone go about selling a church? Is this something a real estate agent is qualified to do?  What if the […]


Happy Birthing Day To Me

Just like the song says, I'm another day older and deeper in debt.  I've always been a fan of birthdays due to that whole "receiving presents" thing.  And check this … for the privilege of being born, people treat you nice and want to take you out to eat and throw you surprise parties and […]

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